Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Day In the Yard

Well, I got quite a bit done in the yard today, although most people who saw it wouldn't know it.

First I potted and repotted some of the plants. I potted the cauliflower...

...and a yellow pepper plant.
Yellow Pepper

I bought this plant because it was so large and had big leaves. It was the biggest specimen of them all. And then one of the cats (Shotsie, I'm sure) chewed up the leaves while the plant waited on the lanai to be planted.

And I repotted the tomato plant that was potted in some horrible soil the other day. (Do NOT buy the Timberline potting soil at Lowe's. Users on the forum suggested I try Jungle Growth brand instead, and they were absolutely right-- that is a great soil!)


The tomato plant came with two small fruit already on it, and now there is another.
New little tomato

I swear that the Eggplant has also grown in the two days that I've had it. This is after I potted it a couple of days ago...

..and this is today.

I also checked on my other little red pepper plant, which was so horribly neglected during the move and has mostly died. This plant has been around for about a year now. I spotted a tiny little pepper trying to form on it...
Little pepper

I am also trying to grow a pineapple plant. We'll see how it turns out, and whether it rebounds. It took me awhile to figure out what I was doing with it, and I could never get roots started in it, so I just planted it.

I've heard others have planted a pineapple top directly into soil and succeeded in getting it to root, so we'll see how it goes.

I also have this pitiful little strawberry plant which has never successfully done anything-- including growing. It has stayed tiny. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. It says to keep it moist, but maybe I'm keeping it too moist?

My Patio Orange Tree is still doing very well. I can't wait until it decides to flower. I think that it is probably 3 or 4 years old now.
Patio Orange

I also repotted my hibiscus that I just potted the other day using that horrible potting soil. It has really wilted since I potted it the other day.
Wilted hibiscus

I hope that it rebounds now that I repotted it with Jungle Growth potting soil.

I also repotted my ficus seedling that I dug out from under the ficus tree. It had really wilted after potting it the other day, and I determined that this may be due to the heavy soil. So today I repotted it with a starter mix. We'll see whether or not it rebounds.

However if it doesn't rebound, I may have another one. I'm not sure whether this one is a ficus too, but I spotted it today growing in a pot of snake plants on the deck.
Ficus? in Snake plants on deck

I also got a splinter under the nail today.

I haven't been able to get it out yet. It's still there. It'll probably have to come out on its own.

I also moved my seedlings to the front foyer, since they seemed too exposed outside and I don't have a good sunny window in the house.
Seedlings on ledge

I'm trying to start carrots, leeks, bush beans, bibb lettuce, romaine lettuce, cilantro, rosemary, and chives. We'll see whether or not I succeed in starting them and raising them to the point when they can be potted. It's so hard to keep them watered, they dry out so quickly.

But that's not all I did today! I also did a lot of weeding. I weeded the bed around the mahogany in front of the shed.

Weeds around mahogony

Mohagany bed after

This pile of weeds is just from that little square:
Weeds from mohagany bed

I didn't even know that there were ferns in that bed until I accidentally started pulling them up with the weeds.
Ferns pulled

Also while pulling weeds from this bed, I looked down in my hand to find a tree that I had pulled out.
Found tree

Found tree

I don't know what it is, so I potted it to give it a chance to reveal itself to me, so that I can determine whether or not to keep it. Who knows. Maybe I'll find out that it's just a really big weed (as big around as my index finger).
Found tree potted

I pulled lots of weeds from the grass, too. I would reach in and pull out two handfuls of weeds from one small area. I have areas like this throughout my yard.

Unfortunately by pulling out the weeds, I'm pulling out the only green in the yard, and sometimes leaving behind dirt instead, since the weeds are about the only green in the lawn!

Then I started on the hibiscus bed, which started out like this...

...and ended today like this.
Hibiscus bed after

By the time I finished today with weeding, I had a large yard bag full of weeds.
Wed bag

Oh, and in case anyone has noticed the branches piled up, I thought that I would explain that I am storing up some of the larger wood for a "dead pile" back behind the shed.
Dead wood pile

I wanted to create a dead pile to give a home to frogs and lizards and snakes and such. Unfortunately I don't have any really big wood to put in the pile-- just some larger branches.

While out today, I also got a couple more pictures of my blooms.

The bougainvillea by the fence continue to get prettier and prettier.
Bougainvillea late day in January

The boug by the shed is much bigger and fuller than the other two, but it also doesn't have the blooms of the other two.
Bougainvillea by shed

The Angel's Trumpet continues to let loose with a barrage of blooms.
Angel's Trumpet

I can only imagine what it might do with some attention. Right now it is so leggy and pitiful.

And the mango continues to get big blooms.
Mango blooms

Mango blooms

So it was a pretty productive day in the yard, but there is still LOTS to do!


jojo said...

Hey Heather,
I found you by posting on my blog. Pretty cool you are in south fla. I went thru all the blogs i think i'll follow this one, haha. sound like you have alot of work to do. and maybe the survivalist gardening, as i'm just starting the whole lets see if i can garden. Though snoop dog is fun... :) so many blogs.

Congratulations on the new house.

Oh i saw that you went on a wild woman weekend. I did that too! once a few years back. it was fun.

glad you enjoyed the Monsanto posting. i think there are a few more under labels for Monsanto. Pretty scary stuff.

nfmgirl said...

Hi, JoJo! Yep, the blogs have quickly gotten out of control. There's a reason my mother called me "Chatterbox" when I was a little girl, although I am much less so these days. Decided that I have so many different interests, I would try to have a little order by creating different blogs for different things.

Yes, I recently found your blog, and have found some good information on it. After I found it, I told my boyfriend, "Hey, I found the blog of my future self today!" I had to explain to him that you live on a "ranchette" with a bunch of animals and are in creative design. (I would like to have a homestead with a ton of animals, and am interested in web design and such. For now I just have the 7 animals.)

Thanks for posting, and keep alerting others like me to these stories that involve civil liberties.

I'm just starting out with the gardening, and am slowly learning. If you want to really get involved in it, I suggest you check into the FL GardenWeb. There is a wealth of info and some good people on there:

Thanks, JoJo!