Sunday, January 11, 2009

Progress Report

Well, I spent a couple of hours Saturday working on the weeds. I decided to concentrate on the area between the shed and the screened lanai.

While I worked, I had a little bird spend time with me.
My weeding buddy

You can see in the picture that he is essentially "laying down" on the wire relaxing. He took a short "nap" up there, and I even watched him yawn and stretch as he finished. Then he flew over to my deck bench and flitted down to my potted tomato and beds in search of lizards and bugs.
Bird buddy

Bird buddy

Afterwards he flew back to his spot on the wire and spent a little more time with me.

I spent about two hours pulling weeds, and had some success in improving the yard.

weedy lawn

Weeded lawn

Snake weeds



Weeded bougie

By ficus

Weeded hose

I ended with six piles of weeds...

...that filled a full yard bag (the other one is from my last weeding venture).
Weed bags

Some of the weeds were really hard to pull. This one in particular has a really deep tap root.
Tap root weeds

When it is allowed to grow bigger, it is impossible to pull and must be dug out with a shovel.

I also came across this caterpillar in the weeds.

Don't know what kind it is.

Also my seedlings continue sprouting.

My leeks, mystery seedling (found in packaged potting soil), and cilantro are all doing well...
Leeks, mystery seedling, cilantro are the Bibb and Romaine lettuces and carrots...
Lettuces and Carrots

The chives are sprouting, but the green beans and rosemary are still a "no show".
Green bean, rosemary and chives

That's my progress for this week. Slow and steady wins the race.

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