Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rare Florida Freeze

Well, while I was out of town on business, Florida got hit with a rare freeze-- the likes of which I haven't seen for many years. It got down to the upper 20s in Orlando where I was on business. When we went to leave about 6:30 AM to go to our show, there was ice on the windshield that had to be scraped off.

I'm not sure how cold it got at my place, but I think this area got around freezing. I worried what I would come home to. I knew about the cold weather ahead of time, so I brought in my potted plants before I left. So my veggies came through okay. I was really lucky. I only have one plant that I've found that could turn out to be totally destroyed by the freeze. That's my Chenille Plant:
Chenille Freeze damage

A tour around my yard found a couple of other plants that seem damaged or stressed. For some reason, the Areca Palm behind the shed seems to have been hit pretty hard, but all my other Arecas are fine:
Areca damage

Also one of my banana trees seems to have been hit pretty hard:
Banana Freeze Damage

And the other tree seems stressed, as does the (Draecaena?) next to it:
Freeze damage

My ferns seem pretty stressed, but I think they'll survive...
Freeze damaged ferns

...and likewise the Bird of Paradise looks a little stressed, but I think it will be okay:
Bird of Paradise

On the positive side, my Poinsettia continues to bloom.

I'm excited about this! I've never before gotten a poinsettia to bloom again. Now I just need to trim it down and see how it does next year.

Also the bougainvillea by the shed has finally started to really throw some blooms.
Bougie flowers

It has been a little slower to bloom than the one out in the sun.

The Cape Jasmine is still hanging onto that bud, and won't let it bloom.
Cape Jasmine

My tomato plant keeps going.

I think it's got about five tomatoes on it now.

My mango blooms keep going, too...
Mango blooms 1/21/09

...and my eggplant and yellow pepper.
Eggplant and Sweet Pepper

I have a flower coming in on my White Bird of Paradise:
Banana fruit

The cauliflower are getting big, too, and need to be split up among more pots.

So I got pretty lucky with the freeze. A lot of people lost a lot of good plants. However I play a sort of "survival of the fittest" type of game in my yard. I refuse to spend too much time protecting and maintaining everything.

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