Friday, December 26, 2008


Not much is going on in my yard right now, but I do have a few things blooming or nearing bloom.

My Moringa is in bloom. Woodrow likes the contrast in the photos of the white flowers against the darkening sky:



Also all of the bougainvillea are in bloom. This one has some great potential, I think. It's pretty rangy right now, but I think with some trimming and training, it can be a really nice specimen along the back fence.


Bougie blooms

My favorite view right now is of the Moringa with the bougie in the background.


And then there is my mango tree, which I am very excited to see blooming.

Mango Blooms

Mango Blooms

Blooming Mango with Bougainvillea

Having just moved to this home, I've never dealt with a blooming mango tree before! I'm very excited to see what becomes of it, whether I get a bunch of mangoes come summer, and if so whether they will be delicious!

The Cape Jasmine is just about to bloom, which is nice to see since a few weeks ago it was really yellowing from drought.
Cape Jasmine buds

My poor little Angel's Trumpet is making a valiant effort, and getting set to let loose with a barrage of blooms.
Trumpet blooms

And the Chenille Plant is always blooming with furry tendrils.
Chenille Plant

Also my purple basil that I have in a pot by the screen door is in bloom.
Purple Sage

And there are always weeds in bloom around here. Does that count? :)


We'll see how it looks in a few months after I can get some fertilizing and pruning done.

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