Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Plants

Well, I've been eager to grow some veggies, and worried that I had missed the season for starting from seed (something I've never done with veggies and wanted to try). So today I decided to buy some plants at Lowe's instead of starting from seed. Plus I don't have any beds ready (everything is still weedy), so I have to grow in containers for the time being.

First I planted a Patio Tomato plant, which already has a couple of fruit and a number of blooms.


Then I planted an Eggplant.

I also bought cauliflower, but didn't have enough soil to plant it yet.

I did start some seeds, too, even though I'm not sure if it might be too late in the season. I have carrots, lettuce, leeks, cilantro, and rosemary. The beans are soaking tonight to be planted tomorrow. I don't know how any of them will do, since I've never tried growing from seed before.


I also potted a small seedling that had sprouted in the bag of potting soil that I bought at Lowe's. I was curious to see what became of it-- whether it is a weed or something else.

I already have a patio orange tree that I have had for a few years now. It has been growing on my condo balcony until now. Since moving here, I have repotted it in a larger pot.
Patio Orange

I also potted a ficus seedling that sprang up under my ficus tree. The ficus is left front. Behind it is a little hibiscus that I bought as I was moving in here, and it was neglected for awhile. One branch of it appears to have died, but the other one has come back with some attention, and now has a flower bud on it.
Hibiscus and Ficus

We'll see how these things do, and hopefully I won't commit mass murder. Keep your fingers crossed!

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