Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Composting 101

Since embarking on taming my garden, I decided that I would have need of a compost bin of some sort. Money is tight right now due to the new home purchase, and the back corner where I plan on putting a compost bin eventually is currently inaccessible. So I considered my options before settling on a compost bin design that is both inexpensive, easy to assemble and movable.

Compost bin

Compost bin

It is made from plastic hardware cloth staple-gunned to wooden stakes. I lined it with cardboard for further stability, and filled it with yard debris and kitchen scraps.

After studying up on composting, I tried to limit the amount of woody material. It is mostly ficus and olive tree leaves and palm fronds, plus all of the fruit and veggie scraps and coffee left over from Christmas.

I hope to have lots of beautiful compost in the not-to-distant future for use in this crazy garden!

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