Thursday, February 5, 2009

Frigid Florida

Well, it's another chilly Florida morning. At 7:30 AM it was about 35 degrees outside. I don't know how cold it got here last night, but seems most of the area was getting down to 27-32 degrees, and the orange groves are in jeopardy. I think that my orange tree is okay.
Orange in Winter

I brought in my other potted plants and vegetables last night.
Sheltered plants

Some are already freeze-bitten or haggard from the cold wind. They'll be staying in today and tonight, as there is another freeze warning tonight. The wind chill is 5-10 degrees cooler than the outside temp, thanks to the 20 mph winds, so it really feels like it is 25-30 degrees outside. We won't even make it out of the 50s today.

However the weather rebounds for this weekend, and we'll be 70 degrees again by Saturday. That may be a good day to go kayaking! The cold weather has the manatee huddling together down at the power plant, so as it warms this weekend they will be venturing out into the river to feed. Good day to see them up close and have them interact with you. Last year we had one come right up to our kayak and hang out for probably 20 minutes while it laid on its back and "licked" the bottom of the boat. Must have been some mineral build up or something that it liked. We got to scratch its nose while it snacked on our canoe and snorted water on us. Fun!


LeatherneckJoe said...

We feel your pain, up here it was 1 degree this morning, lol. If you need to get some new vegetable plants for your pots, Garden Harvest Supply has over 200 varieties of potted vegetable plants.

nfmgirl said...

Thanks for the tip, leatherneck. I'll check them out.

Yep, we down here in FL are not used to these cool temps. I haven't seen temps like these since I was a teen. Kinda nice, as long as you don't have plants to worry about!