Saturday, February 14, 2009

My New Babies

Well I was finally able to attend the annual Caloosa Rare Fruit Tree sale that I've been looking forward to for months. There were lots of trees there to choose from, with the largest selection being from ECHO. I bought a Passion Flower from them. Below are my new plant additions:

Passion Flower:
Passion Flower

Meyer Lemon, which is already laden with small fruits and a lovely bloom:
Meyer Lemon

Little lemons

Meyer Lemon

Black Raspberry (I forget the type, but it is a tropical version that doesn't need cold weather like others). It came with some raspberries already on it, and some blooms:
Black Raspberry


Black Raspberry



Datil Pepper:
Datil Pepper

Lemon Thyme, Clover and Rosemary:

Grand Total: $104
The fruit pack

This had to be "meant to be". I pulled out my cash, was short, asked Woodrow if he had any cash, and he had $11. I added that to my cash, and was still a few bucks short. Then I found a few more dollars, counted it up, and it was $104 even. It was destiny!

So now I have to figure out what to plant where, and what to leave in pots.

Some other things that happened today:

I've been watching these "weeds" that have been growing under my ficus for a couple of weeks now, wondering exactly what they were. I was amazed at how quickly they grew. Well today I think that I figured out what they are. Sunflower volunteers!


The bird feeder is right above here, and it looks like perhaps the birds missed a couple of seeds. I'm excited to have sunflowers growing!

My tomatoes still look good:

The bougainvillea that I was loving is no longer booming with blooms, but now the one by the shed is.
Bougie by shed

I've been noticing some webbing on some of my mango leaves, and some of the leaves are chewed up. So when I went to the fruit tree sale today, I took a couple of leaves in a bag. I gave it to a girl that works at ECHO and asked her if she knew what it was. Just as I was handing it to her, I spotted a large spider running through the bag.

"Whoa!", I said, "There's a big spider in there." "Yeah,that's probably what's making the webs on the leaves. That's actually a good thing!"

Yeah. Right. I know that spiders are very useful in the garden, and I love to have them do their thing in secrecy and out-of-sight. However, having arachnophobia, I do NOT want to see them running through a bag I'm holding and knowing that they were on a leaf that I cut from my tree!

When we got home, we let the spider go out by the mango tree.

We hope that he kills many nasty bugs for us.

So it was a really nice day. I finally got some of the trees that I've been wanting, I discovered that I have sunflowers growing, and I learned that I don't have a bad infestation of caterpillars or something on my mango, but just a camouflaged spider that will keep me on my toes now whenever I'm around the mango!


Anonymous said...
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LindaSueBuhl said...

Oh my- the Meyer Lemon looks just wonderful and I adore passion flowers also - wonderful haul I think and definitely meant to be! Congratulations - nothing more fun than the prospect of all that fruitful, beautiful GROWING - God is good to gardeners - we always see what can be instead of just what is.