Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Brief Update

I got a shot of this garden helper.

I'm not sure yet what he is, but I see them on my mango all of the time. I always like seeing them, as I believe that they are working hard getting the bad guys and keeping my mango healthy and happy.

Unfortunately I have not been able to spot my Gulf Fritillary caterpillar for a couple of days. I'm concerned that a bird may have gotten him. But I did spot this little guy.
Baby Gulf Fritillary

Looks like a new GF on the passion vine. I need to move the passion vine to a more sheltered location, to try to give this little guy a better chance at survival.

I have a number of flowers about to bloom on the passion flower vine.

My loquat is showing signs of freeze damage from our last freeze.
Loquat freeze burned

I think it'll be okay, though.

I spotted one of the lizard eggs from a couple of months ago. It seems maybe a lizard actually hatched from it.
Lizard Egg

The other three are still intact.

I found these seeds on my deck the other day. I don't know what they are from.
Seeds on deck


That's a quick update for today. No time in the garden today, aside from watering the potted plants.


Mary Sharpe said...

I arrived here because I like the name of your blogs - I love unruly gardens and the photo in your header looks wonderful and full of potential.

I hope you aren't planning to tame it too much.

Mary Sharpe

Heather said...

Thanks, Mary! I want to tame the weeds more than anything! The house was abandoned for about a year before I bought it, so the yard is a bit out of control. It will take awhile. But I actually hope to have "controlled chaos" in the future!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!