Monday, February 23, 2009

Secret Place

Since I bought this house, there has been a spot behind the shed that has remained something of a mystery. Sunday Woodrow and I spent some time working on this area, and I got my first close-up view of some of the areas. A few of the discoveries made:
  • What I thought were concrete stones under all of the dead grass back here turned out to be old carpeting.

    Green carpet

  • There is indeed an outdoor sink back here...

    ...and it has hoses connected to it.
    Hose to sink

    Now what's really weird is that one of these hoses disappears under the carpet on the ground, and seems buried or embedded in the ground.
    Hose in ground

    I tried to pull it out, and it didn't want to budge. We will have to lift up the carpet and see what it going on there. It seems that there is supposed to be a water supply to the sink, but it is not currently working.

    However I also spotted this in the sink:
    Submersible Pump Cable

    Insulated Submersible Pump Cable. Hmmmm. I wonder if they could have installed a well pump back here to provide water to the sink? We need to lift up all of this carpet and see what's going on. Then I can make a concrete patio back here in it's place.

  • There is a big slab of faux marble.
    Marble top

    You know-- like the stuff used to make windowsills in houses?

  • The most interesting area is this work area.
    Work area

    What exactly is this for? What is that table for, that has the wooden rods? What is the little overhang for?

  • Also I finally got to see the wooden bin up close, and found that it is a compost bin.
    Compost bin

    I found that the bin is already full of junk, and it is not the "right stuff". It needs to be emptied out.
    Compost bin

  • And, last but not least, I finally found my pipes!


    As I've driven around my neighborhood, I have noticed that everyone seems to have these white pipes located at the back corner of their property. I've been going crazy wondering where MY pipes are! Well I finally found them. I still don't know what they are for, but at least I know WHERE they are!

So this is the first pile of debris hauled out from behind the shed.
Debris from behind shed

There is still a LOT of work to do back there, but at least we've made some headway.

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